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Birdi Blog


February 2013

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Scrape the World


January 2013

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Remembering Aaron Swartz

Brooklyn Internets T-Shirt

October 2012

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Who In The World Is My Representative?

India, bureaucracy, Bihar, 2003. By Jan

June 2012

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Introducing Free Mobile Petitioning With


April 2012

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Innovation Versus Security In Kenya

March 2012

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Bin Laden’s Invisible Children


January 2012

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Back from Bike Hispaniola


December 2011

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Going To Bike Hispaniola


Senator Gillibrand is a Dangerous Pirate


November 2011

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Reform & Revolution


Risk To Transmit

In the digital era, it's easier to conflate participation with democracy. This is a dangerous and unfortunate trend as...

This Can Get Mark Zuckerberg Arrested


October 2011

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Training in the Field

Iraq: A Digital Dissenter

Shortly after this interview, Hamzoz’s phone was seized in Tahir Square by individuals allegedly linked to Iraqi security forces. He

September 2011

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Do It Yourself


Kosher Coding


Fortnight Bio Video

August 2011

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A Wired City Versus A Hurricane


Getting Rid of My iPhone


July 2011

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Speaking At The White House

By Nicolas Karim

Killing Code Can Kill People


Your Kid’s a Weiner


March 2011

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Learning From Japan’s Disaster


Open UN: The Evolution of the Crowd panel

January 2011

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Social Media to Prevent Hate Media


December 2010

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Wikinomics of Leaks


November 2010

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New tactics in Authoritarianism


August 2010

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Digital activism is more than marketing


Leaking Peace


July 2010

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Notes on Wikileaks

I recently met Julian Assange. My conversation with him helped to shine a light on for Wikileaks’ internal processes, just

June 2010

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Volunteerism For Solidarity Or Social Capital

Clay Shirky opens the evening on stage, explaining that Ushahidi is a system that shows a community what it already

Future Now: NYC’s Digital Storybook

May 2010

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Eastern Europe’s New Communist Threats


Chavez’s Twitter Army: 200 deep

“Twitter is terrorism,” Chavez loudly proclaimed in one of his famous radio addresses to the nation, as a bold response

April 2010

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Marginalized by Unicode

Future of mobiles for change

March 2010

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P2P doesn’t include the police

February 2010

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Transparency trumps objectivity

Visualizations can help hold governments accountable. How much aid was promised? How much sent? How much actually received? And can

January 2010

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President Obama State of the Union Word Cloud

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Haiti’s need for community-led...

Secretary Clinton Internet Freedom Speech Word...

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Haiti: this is not a test

Top Books of 2009

While I don’t get much time to read, I did manage to find a great book: my iPhone. I have

Top Albums and Films of 2009

Interactive Telecommunications Program Winter...

December 2009

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Armenia’s New Media Landscape

November 2009

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Roundtable on Virtual Worlds and Nonprofits

Open My City Project Retrospective

Presenting at ITP Social Activism using Mobile...

On Sept. 26, the protests were still going strong. It was 11 am, and Aung Aung Ye was juggling two computers and a...

October 2009

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Launching Digital Democracy TV

I’ve been doing research in Southeast Asia, which has kept me pretty busy and almost entirely off the internet. At

August 2009

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How is technology changing the course of revolutions in the 21st century? In this panel grassroots organizers will...

Tech in the Classroom

July 2009

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Summer Music in Clouds

Open My City with Humanity in Action

Participation Camp

Tish Shute has a fantastic overview of Participation Camp. It was fantastic to be a part of it and brainstorm

The panel on Public Media, Open Content, and Sustainability was something I was particularly interested in, but not...
Wayne Moses Burke of the Open Forum Foundation noticed that when I followed him on Twitter, there was a strange series...

June 2009

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Open Video Conference – Day 1

Barcamp Yerevan

Computers, Freedom & Privacy: Day 2 (Part 2)

Creating the Future: Thinking about the past, glancing into the future Day 2 of the conference is right-side up again,...

Computers, Freedom & Privacy: Day 1

Creating the Future: An upside down conference CFP09 kicked off today at George Washington University’s Marvin Center on a sunny

Creating the Future: LIVE

I’ll be corresponding live from Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference 2009. Curious whether we’re entering into a participatory panopticon or

May 2009

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The Future / Interactive Telecommunications...

Technology for Human Rights

Circumvening censorship in Istanbul (once...

Is Turkey on the verge of becoming a part of Europe? It’s a question worth considering and certainly one that

April 2009

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Old New York was once New Amsterdam

Henry Hudson set sail across the Atlantic, planted a flag on an island and called it New Amsterdam. 400 years

AK-47 Curriculum in Karabakh

March 2009

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Perhaps the current economic conditions will allow people to be valued for their work again, rather than the size of...

To Drupal or not to Drupal

It’s good to begin any discussion of do’s and don’ts with morality. Thankfully David Weinberger did just that at this

February 2009

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How the Oscars affect the world

The 81st Annual Academy Awards are taking place later today in Los Angeles and the results will have a larger

Digital Democracy class at Tufts

Blind Refugees and Dirty Disco in Georgia

The pendulum swings back

At the United Nations

Last night I met a man who spent seven years in solitary confinement for communicating thoughts about democracy. His...

The Future of Freedom and Control in the Internet...

Social Edge Post

I just found an interesting discussion over on the Social Edge site about “Co-preneurs.” Given my interest in our changing

Keeping the Beat to Race Relations in DC

January 2009

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Hello, World!

public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello, World!"); } }

August 2008

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How the West was Lost: Stories from War Torn...

June 2008

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Year of the Rats – Nuvo

May 2008

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The Weathermen in Burma

“You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” Bob Dylan famously sang about the tumultuous times that were America’s 1960s. This quote comes to mind now as I look to the current tragedy happening in Burma after Cyclone Nargis’s devastation.