This Can Get Mark Zuckerberg Arrested

Mark Zuckerberg faces 15 brutal years in a Thai prison.

According to the Computer Crimes Act of Thailand, a website owner is responsible for anything written on their site, not just the actual author of the content. So if anyone posts anything on Facebook that is considered illegal in Thailand, Zuckerberg could be held responsible. The problem is that even talking about this law in Thailand is an offense, so if someone clicks the “like” button on this article from inside their borders, it could mean trouble.

This is what recently happened to Chiranuch Premchaiporn. Her nickname “Jiew” might mean “Tiny” but she has a big and brave heart in her small Thai body. As the webmaster for the online newspaper Prachatai, she faces up to 70 years in prison because someone left some comments about the Thai King on her website that she didn’t delete fast enough. Under the strict lèse majesté laws (defamation of the monarchy), one cannot say anything that might be interpreted as offensive towards the royal family without facing extreme penalties.

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Photo of Jiew (Chiranuch Premchaiporn) in Thai Jail by Nick Nostitz

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