Open UN: The Evolution of the Crowd panel

UN Global Pulse hosted a number of events during New York Social Media Week. I was glad to contribute on the Open UN: The Evolution of the Crowd panel.

Panelists included:

  • Ivan Sigal, Executive Director, Global Voices
  • Nadim Mahmoud, Research Director, Co-founder, Medic Mobile
  • Shaun Abrahamson, Founder, Colaboratorie Mutopo
  • Soraya Darabi, Co-founder, Foodspotting and Digital Strategist, ABC News
  • John Crowley, Research Fellow, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
  • Richard Tyson, Co-founder and Principal, Helsinki Group

Here is are the last thoughts from panelists is a great roundup and I’m proud to share thoughts with Clay Shirky and Nigel Snoad as well. You can watch that video here.

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