• Crowdring


What if people around the world could sign a petition for free using just a regular mobile? Crowdring links petitions to a dedicated local phone number, allowing people to demonstrate their political support by placing missed calls.

‘Missed calls’ – also known as ‘beeps,’ ‘flashes’ or ‘fishing’ – are intentionally dropped phone calls that are logged by the recipient, but neither the caller nor the recipient incurs any charges. Common in emerging economies where calling rates are costly and phone credit is used sparingly, people make ‘missed calls’ as a way of conveying simple, pre-arranged messages, such as ‘I’m thinking of you’ or ‘I’m ready to be picked up.’ Capitalizing on this free and culturally fluent medium, Crowdring facilitates two-way correspondence using ‘missed calls’ and customized SMS blasts. Crowdring thereby enables organizations around the world to engage anyone, using any phone in real-time rapid response campaigns.

Date: August 2012 Client: Crowdring Skills: Venture Website: crowdring.org