• Future Of Learning

Future Of Learning

Every aspect of humanity that is not genetic is learnt. Learning is central in our lives from cradle to grave and its importance is continuously growing in the 21st Century as we—as a species, societies, communities and individuals—need to adapt to the rapidly changing cultural, social, technological, political and environmental landscapes. It is expected that the most crucial abilities in the near future will be learning new things and skills, and sharing and collaborating with others to overcome the forthcoming challenges and grasping new opportunities throughout the turbulent decades in front of us.

While the major challenges of the future are very real and concrete the learning solutions are increasingly digital and fluid, in both developed and developing countries, spurred by the rapid growth of worldwide access to digital technology and the Internet. Improving
digital literacy —including the skills to use, create and shape new digital solutions, and drive action trough digital means—will be the key element in the near future for better learning.

Wevolve partnered with Digital Democracy to explore the future of learning, specifically in digital contexts and through digital means, to create strategic guidelines for educators,teachers, activists, hackers, students, researchers, designers and policy makers that should help to identify and define emerging opportunities to facilitate and catalyze learning and digital literacy.

This report discusses some of the big macro shifts, socio-cultural trends, and emerging learning behaviors and solutions that shape the future opportunity space for learning. The idea is to instigate and inspire new ideas, conversation and collaborative action for co-creating new digital learning solutions that eventually empower civic engagement and facilitate digital democracy.

Date: May 2011 Client: Wevolve Skills: Report Website: wevolve.us