Human rights abuses

Ignite Amsterdam #1 took place during Mediamatic’s three day Map Fest (6, 7 and 9 June), on June 9th. The theme of the evening was mapping. Mark Belinsky works at the intersection of technology, media and civil society. He’s the founder and Co-Director in charge of technology at Digital Democracy, an organization that works with local partners to put information into the hands of people who need it most.

Full line-up:

Melle Smets
Kristin Maurer
Wilfried Hou Je Bek
Esther Polak
Lino Hellings
Mark Belinsky
Theo Deutinger
Esther Weltevrede
Richard Vijgen
Marjolijn Boterenbrood
Sarah van Sonsbeeck
Jan Rothuizen


Mark Belinsky is the founder of Digital Democracy. He concerns himself with digital literacy and open data.

Presented during Ignite Amsterdam #1, at Mediamatic.

Date: June 2011 Client: Ignite Amsterdam Skills: Netherlands, Talk Website: