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Open Video Conference – Day 1

As the film and television industries struggle to understand the economics of the current social media landscape from the top down, the grassroots continue to grow and innovate in the field. Last week’s Open Video Conference at New York University Law’s Vanderbilt Hall was an impressive showing of¬†independent producers, academics, programmers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, activists and others, interested in being part of the “growing movement for transparency, interoperability, and further decentralization in online video.”

Technology for Human Rights

It’s often the case that in places where human rights violations are pervasive that technology access is limited. In certain circumstances this means being limited to a mobile phone. In others, even access to those can be a luxury. Are there other options?

I recently had the opportunity to explore the current state of technology for human rights in more depth, being invited to attend The Soul of the New Machine conference at UC Berkeley. Digital Democracy was representing our Handheld Human Rights project for the Netsquared challenge. I’m proud to say that we took 3rd place and will soon be building out our mobile-based system along Burma’s borders.