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Getting Rid of My iPhone

When angry birds has access to my entire contact list, it’s time to reconsider how great my iPhone is. Why does this extremely popular game have unprecedented access to my personal information? Well, I don’t know. I never explicitly said it was ok, but in the current technology reality we live in, I didn’t explicitly say it wasn’t ok either. Not that I could have. It’s not even that our terms and conditions rule us, I do read the fine print, it’s that they can change at any minute.

Top Books of 2009

While I don’t get much time to read, I did manage to find a great book: my iPhone. I have to concur that it’s been a huge help to me whenever I’m trying to read during travel and don’t want to drag along a big book. My arsenal consists mainly of free literature, either classics books that have entered the public domain or those that were published under creative commons (ie. Lessig, Doctorow, etc). I even get a bunch in Russian. Shout-out to Stanza, the self-described “revolution in reading” for being a stellar iPhone e-reader app. Byline does a great job of syncing my RSS feeds via Google Reader where NetNewsWire failed (though I still love the desktop client).

Other hits? I’ll make quick shout outs to:

  • THE PHOTOGRAPHER, by Emmanuel Guibert, Didier Lefèvre and Frédéric Lemercier – experiences in Zaragandara, the Afghan town where Doctors Without Borders set up a makeshift hospital.
  • Dead Aid, by Dambisa Moyol. She posits that aid is the root of Africa’s problems. While a good devil’s advocate perspective, Paul Collier has the best review of the book, stating that “Dambisa Moyo is to aid what Ayaan Hirsi Ali is to Islam.”