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Speaking At The White House

Its an honor to be invited to speak at the White House . Its especially exciting to see an administration that understands the power of youth and works to pull in our voices.

The White House was pulling together 20 “awesome” youth leaders to discuss the future of international foreign aid. The conversation was between us, the head of USAID (United States Agency for International Development) Raj Shah, and the internet. It was broadcast live on the White House website, with a realtime conversation happening on Facebook and on Twitter, hashtag #USAIDyouth.

Your Kid’s a Weiner

Watch where you point your finger. Your kid has probably sent or received a sext today.

The accusations that led to Anthony Weiner’s resigning were upsetting insofar as this was a teachable moment. Instead it became a media circus. Why not have a larger discussion about the serious issues surrounding privacy and technology? Develop a better understanding of how these issues can negatively impact private companies, our children, and political careers.

Tech in the Classroom

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately exploring how technology is being brought into the classroom and how Digital Democracy can build on the tradition.

The initial Project Einstein in the refugee camps in Bangladesh was an incredible experience that I haven’t written much about here. Empowering marginalized youth with any sort of positive education is an incredible experience. Having the opportunity to work with them on the art of photography was absolutely extraordinary and I appreciate What Kids Can Do for opening me up to the experience. My colleague Emily and I created a model to have the kids build off one another by having them work in self-selected groups. From there, they chose topics and we worked with them to develop stories around these topics. What I hadn’t fully foreseen was their ability to adapt and produce so quickly. Despite operating in a foreign language and with new technology for the first time, they caught on quickly, figuring out hidden camera features by day 2.