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Hi, I'm a Product Innovation Leader in Atlanta.


Building beautiful things that help lots of people is my driving passion.

Whether leading companies or driving product, I’m a creative technologist. I’m a big believer that beauty and efficiency drive results, both inside companies and with customers. I try to infuse this ethos across all divisions of an organization with agile methodologies and wonderful brand experiences. More often than not, I've worked with small teams under tight deadlines, meaning I can roll up my sleeves and dive into the trenches to execute in a variety of roles in order to get the exemplary results I demand of any project I lead.

My inspirations are leaders, from Benjamin Franklin to Muhammad Yunus, who fused technological innovation with creative inspiration, all while seeking to make a positive difference in the world. My voracious curiosity drives me to dive deep into any problem. I search beyond obvious ideas and work hard to determine the right blend of design, technology and strategy for a strong return on investment.

Spotting global trends early is one of my strengths and helps me promote solutions I'm enthusiastic about at the right time. From founding the nonprofit Digital Democracy in 2008 to now working as an innovation specialist at the United Nations Development Programme to integrate digital as a pillar of development, my ability to ideate and implement solutions to systemic, nascent problems, makes me a critical player in the human rights and innovation space.

Across domains like smart home IoT, interactive media, international development, sustainable tourism, product innovation, security and blockchain, I've raised venture capital funding, developed partnerships and represented companies in the media. I’ve shared these experiences as a speaker at SXSW, Tribeca Film Festival, and Hackers On Planet Earth, as a guest on BBC, Al-Jazeera, and NPR, lecturing at Harvard, Columbia and NYU, helping advise the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on blockchain technologies, and consulting with the US State Department, Fortune 500 companies, and several heads of state.

Above all, the specialities I most enjoy focusing my time on include business strategy, agile design, brand storytelling, public speaking, media production, and hardware + software development. I’m also big into biking absurdly long distances, love exploring new cuisines, and I make a solid Negroni.

— I’ve spoken around the world: