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Birdi iOS App

Design, Development, Apple HomeKit Integration, IoT Integration







01 Problem

Traditional smoke alarms are notorious for being intrusive, offering limited information, and lacking user-friendly interfaces. Users needed a way to understand not just the presence of smoke but also the air quality inside and outside their homes, seamlessly integrating this into their daily lives.

02 Approach

We embraced the challenge by designing the Birdi Smart Smoke Alarm & Air Quality Monitor, focusing on user experience (UX) and technological innovation. As a first cohort partner of Apple HomeKit, we leveraged Apple's framework to ensure seamless integration with iOS devices, allowing for intuitive interactions. Our approach centered on comprehensive air quality monitoring, both indoor and outdoor, enhancing user engagement and health awareness.

03 Solution

The Birdi Smart Smoke Alarm revolutionized the traditional smoke alarm experience. It provides users with detailed information about air quality inside their homes and external pollution levels, all accessible via an iOS app. The innovative use of UX design allows users to silence the alarm with their phone, making it a more pleasant experience. As a pioneer in integrating with Apple HomeKit, Birdi set a new standard for smart home devices, combining safety, health, and convenience into one seamless experience.

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